Your are all invited

Over the last 4 years of running Fresh Faced Friday we’ve had 100’s of young people get involved in Fresh Faced Friday through events run by their school or community group – these events were full of positivity and a great opportunity to start the conversation about body image and feeling good about who we are judgement free, these inspired lots of young people to ‘Tear It Up’ and get body and self positive. This years event will run on the 7th September 2018.

Some groups held a lunch time event, whilst others dedicated the whole day to looking into the topic of body image and related areas such as media literacy, peers, resilience and healthy bodies.

Free event pack

So many different age groups took part last year from primary right up to college group and work places.

Register your event with us to receive a free event pack.

The pack will be mailed out to you, but there is also an email version of the event pack will also be available. Email your registration to stating if you would like an email or post version.

Thank you to the Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation for supporting the distribution of these packs to schools Australia wide.

See the FFF gallery

Over the last 4 year so many got behind the campaign by posting and commenting on social media. Visit last year’s FFF gallery to get a feel for how everyone got Fresh Faced Friday’d