• Fresh Faced Friday

    Supporting us all to be, body and self positive .

  • Friday 6th September 2019

    Join the campaign and lets make a difference

Friday 2019

Fresh Faced Friday is the positive body and self esteem campaign, being held on Friday 6th September 2019

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On Friday 6th September 2019 we invite you to literally "Tear Up" the negative and get body and self positive and allow us to all be who we want to be judgement free

1. Write It Down

Write down the negative things you find yourself saying or thinking about yourself, or things you feel impact on your self esteem like certain media practices or comments from friends

2. "Tear It Up"

Yes literally tear up all those negative items from step 1, both physically and mentally. Now get Fresh Faced and spend today (and lots more) thinking and feeling body and self positive

3. Share it

Write your own FFF message, perhaps it's about what you are going to embrace about your body or a message to others about letting us be the us we want to be and share it on social media with the #freshfacedfriday hastag.


  • by understanding what body image is and supporting ourseleves and our friends to Embrace, Accept and Respect our bodies can impact on the wellbeing of us all.
    Why is #FFF important?

    Let's "TEAR UP" the negative

    We can all make a difference, not only to our own body esteem
    but also those around us. Join us this FFF

    The Stats

    • Guys who want to be thinner

    • Guys who want to be bulkier

    • High school girls wish they were thinner


    Negative body image and self esteem affects many young people, and adults. This can impact on our wellbeing and many other aspects of our life. This FFF lets 'Tear Up" these stats and support us all to be body positive.


    How to join in

    There are a range of ways you can get involved in the campaign, click an icon below below to find out more.

    You can make a difference
    On 6th Sept 2019 Join the campaign by "Tearing It Up" and supporting the movement by talking thinking and feeling body positive.
    Via Social Media
    Share your FFF message of support on any of the social media platforms - you will find us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram
    At School
    Chat to your school about holding a FFF event on the 6th Sept, it could be held during lunch or the day could be dedicated to discovering more about body esteem. Find out more about running an event.
    Order an event pack
    If you think an event is something you would like to get behind then register your interest and we will contact you when applications for event packs open.

    Get involved

    How can you get involved in Fresh Faced Friday...

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